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We take away the hassle of last mile deliveries by offering pick-up and drop-off services for small to medium sized packages within Lagos state for both businesses and individuals.

We are fast, affordable, flexible but most of all reliable.

We offer our clients:

Door to Door delivery services - Tailored to meet the last mile delivery needs of online retail business, social media retailer and physical stores.

Delivery Fleet Management - Do you have your own delivery bikes and but don't want to deal with the hassle of managing and maintaining them? We've got you covered!

Considering that logistics is not the core of your business but ours, we relieve you of the burden of managing your dispatch riders, servicing bikes and other related tasks. All your urban logistics needs can be outsourced to Funsho 3PL for a reasonable monthly fee.

Bulk Mail Delivery - We will deliver your hard copy annual reports wedding invitations concert tickets and any other parcel around the city.

How it Works

  1. For Express deliveries (same day service) please contact us on +23413424065 between 9am to 5pm Mondays to Saturday to schedule a pick-up of your items.
  2. For Regular deliveries (next day service), kindly complete the Booking Form on our website and one of our customer service representatives will call you back within 24 hours
  3. A rider will be dispatched to your location once your booking is confirmed and you will receive your booking details via email/sms.
  4. Your items will be registered upon collection and you will receive a tracking URL via email/sms which you can use to track your package until it reaches its intended destination.

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We provide our Clients with land transportation services for heavy of bulky shipments that cannot easily be transported by other means. Our 30-ton capacity trucks are equipped 40ft containerized trailers and flat beds to cater to transporting a variety of products.

We apply intense discipline to every aspect of managing your transportation needs and ensure that we provide cost efficiency while delivering superior service.

Having the confidence that your Goods will be delivered on time is key to today's business environments.

That's where Funsho Logistics makes the difference.

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